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The King of Herrings (KOH)
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 In 2007, a typhoon had landed in the Northern Marianas Islands and unleashed a strange substance not known to this earth. Unknowingly to public, a week after the typhoon, a young man named Xavier had recorded a transcript about visions of an “abyss,” and apparently claimed that there was a connection between the typhoon and the “abyss.” What was interesting was that he had also claimed that there was a gigantic creature whom he called “It” that had caused the disaster itself. However, there is barely any evidence to suggest that the creature existed.

In terms of the visions of the young man, they involved strange lights in the dark, the feeling of tasting an awful food to which he compared to tar and smoke, long, black tentacles proceeding to suffocate him, and then a bright light “puncturing” the darkness. There are at least six visions he had mentioned, each of them just as disturbing as each other in a way.

Though there is some history behind the young man, such as having thalassophobia, after falling from a boat, and hallucinating a giant fish swimming in the water, the fact that the young man had committed suicide the day after recording the transcript. We do not have any more information, but here are what the visions were described to be, straight from the audio transcript.

“Vision #1. God help me. . . .

The first vision was surreal, you could say. It was a very exhausting day at work that day, and I drifted asleep pretty quickly. I know a few minutes later I woke up at my computer. What was strange is that I was in my bed at the time, I had do idea on how the hell I got there. I, of course, headed back to my bed. I think it was around 1:23am when I finally fell asleep? I dunno. I immediately appeared in a murky, dark brown water. There was no light at all gleaming in, and the water was just . . . just so goddamn cold!

I at least tried to move, but I couldn’t even move an inch. I was afraid, very afraid. That's when I noticed them. There were two pairs of multiple lights. They were very close, and were very big. There was a blue one, and a purple one, and each of them were in a line. There were at least seventeen lights on the blue one, and fourteen on the purple one. The were swimming around me, but in a matter of seconds, the purple row just . . . disappeared, leaving the blue one to circle around me.

Then the blue row just . . . stopped. I had no clue where the lights went, but i just stopped. But then . . . then . . . I felt a-a hot breath on the back of my neck. Thats when I woke up.”

Here is vision number two. There is something interesting about this one, and it seemed to catch our attention.

“Vision #2.

Nothing interesting in this one, just unusual. I just found myself on the beach, watching the waves. It was nighttime, and the breeze was flowing almost intensely. The waves were crashing on the beach, and carrying an unusually large amount of fish, and I was able to move.

I then felt myself walking towards the right of me, when I noticed this long, very long fish. It reminded me of the stories my mom used to tell me about . . . . *long pause* about-t sea serpents. When I got close to it, I noticed that it had a face like a dogs, especially a bulldogs.”

The fish the young man described matched the description of an oarfish, though they are not found there, and are not seen there as well.

The third vision takes place in the same place.

“Vision #3. . . Why do I . . .

When I went to bed, I found that my bed was slightly soggy, and it smelt like salt. What was strange is that I had just cleaned it earlier before making my dinner, and . . . just to add to it, I just laid there, and fell asleep.

The vision that night was in the same as the second one, but this time, I was just standing there. I couldn’t move, and my arms were outstretched to the side of me. I stood there for what felt at least like 4 hours or so, until the breeze picked and blowed what look like a large, multicolored dust cloud on me. I felt a tingly sensation, but nothing else really happened to me, just the dust being blown on me.”

Out of all the visions he mentioned, nothing seems to reach the disturbingness of this one. We still have no idea what this one meant.

“Vis . . . Vision # . . . 4 . . . *sniffs loudly*

I really . . . really wish I wasn’t the one targeted. . . It was the night after I had learned of my job being suspended for a few days because my boss was worried for my health that morning.

I couldn’t fall asleep. I had been trying to take sleeping pills which my doctor had prescribed me with back in America . . . but each time I would try to swallow one, this awful **** taste filled my mouth. I just couldn’t sleep. But . . . I guess I did fall asleep. Becau- . . . *long pause, with sobbing*

*first signs of distraught and sadness are heard in the young mans voice.*

Because I felt something grab my arm, a few minutes after I had laid down. I jerked away from whatever grabbed me, but it held on, and when I saw it, it was this thick, black tentacle. I was strangling my arm, and when I got up from my bend to grab something from my desk to stab it with, two more tentacles come from underneath my bed, and grabbed my legs. The sucking noise was so . . . so goddamn awful. I was dragged back to my bed, and I felt two more, one grabbing my arm, and the other one wrapping around my forehead.

*Man uncontrollably sobs*

The one that wrapped around me dug its tip into my throat, trying to suffocate me! TRYING TO SUFFOCATE ME!

Video Cuts to static”

The next vision, is unsettling, and was very strange. There is no mention of the dust, tentacles, or lights, but the pitch darkness is mentioned again.

“Vision #5. Why . . .

This vision is not short, in fact it was the longest one I think. I was swimming in the murky depths again, except it was pitch black, and extremely cold. When I say extremely cold, I mean that it was so cold that you felt as if you couldn’t budge and inch with feeling like you had hypothermia.

A strange thing that I noticed was that I was swimming really, really fast. I felt like I was soaring across the sky. As I soared, I could see tips of long, spear like crags. There were also cliff edges, but each of them didn’t end, and there was still more darkness underneath them. As I went through the rocky area, I noticed wide caverns, and some moderate sized caves. If I remember correctly, there was something in one of those caves. A large claw, maybe fifteen feet long disappeared in of the caverns.

What creeped me out was that after it had entered the cave, I started glow very brightly, and then I shot into the cave. When I saw the creature, I only remember what it’s expression was. It was scared. I had no idea why, but the creature normally would look so scary, because it’s face looked like a crabs and a deer’s face, but I just felt sorry for the thing.

I then found myself, after the attack I had unwillingly indulged in, swimming again, except I was just swimming in the open parts. I didn’t feel scared. I continued swimming for what felt like 5 hours before I saw a another cavern. The cavern was point crag tips all over it, and the hole inside it was pitch black. On the verge of entering it, I woke up.

I was covered in a cold sweat, and was very cold.”

The last vision is the most mysterious one, and the one that may have caused him to commit suicide in the first place. Nobody knows how many visions there were, but this one seemed to be the most revelating.

“Vision #6. *man sobs for a moment*

It talked to me in this one. If you don’t know what It is, its the blue row of lights I mentioned in the first one and soon to be eighth one. I don’t know if I can talk any longer about this, okay?

I just can’t take it anymore.

I found myself back in the depths. This time, being grappled by those . . . same things. I was calm, and could move my mouth but I couldn’t speak or scream. It was also very cold again. I was held there for at least several minutes until the blue row of lights appeared again, except they were flowing towards me slowly. When they disappeared, I again felt a hot, muggy breath, but this time in my face.

Thats when it’s eyes opened. By god . . .

*man starts crying*

It spoke to me in this brazilian, japanese accent, and started saying things to me, horrible things! I remember these thing because they were so sadistic!

*man reaches for something unknown, maybe a notepad or sheet of paper, and starts reading, but is interrupted by static*

The transcript ends here.

Galvonic Flare - A traditional beam attack that looks like multiple streams of lighting.
Galvanistic Flicker - A one shot attack that occurs if Beam attack isn't properly used.
Galvanistic Volley - An attack shot from KoH's fingers. can be continuous.
Galvanistic Bale - An attack shot from KoH's makeshift Tongue. Looks like an X.
Galvanistic Spheres - Homing spheres used by KoH.
Galvano Resist - A self shocking attack that damages enemies if close enough.

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Re: King of Herrings (KOH)
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Its nice to finally see your kaiju here!
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Re: The King of Herrings (KOH)
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